Tuesday, August 31, 2010

our awkward heroes

Do the attributes of a hero remain the same over time?

      Heros are one of my favorite things to talk about. I'm all about all of the marvel heroes: spider-man, hulk, iron-man, and the x-men... and I'm not gonna lie I have two marvel posters in my room. Do these modern marvels have the same attributes as Odysseus though? I really don't think so. Odysseus was all about letting people know who he was and all about his accomplishments. The heroes we watch are all about secret identities and not letting it known who they are. Another attribute that has changed is pride. Odysseus was proud of who he was and glad to be a hero while our modern heroes are a little confused as to why they have their powers and what to do with them. And while eventually accepting who they are the majority of our heroes seem to long for their old life back. Another attribute that has changed is looks. Heroes of old seem to have great strength and beautiful faces to go along with that. But when we look at heroes such as spider-man and the hulk before he transforms, we see some pretty wimpy looking guys with a little bit of geek mixed in... not at all like Odysseus or Hercules. 
       So no, a lot of attributes of a hero have not remained the same over time. While our heroes are excellent at fighting the bad guys, they have a bit of a tougher time fitting in with the real world.

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