Thursday, September 16, 2010


Do you believe that things are fated no matter what, or do you believe your actions can change the course of your life?

I've really never given fate much thought. It's a concept that kind of confuses me, and sitting there pondering the meaning of fate and if it's real or not starts to give me a headache. But thinking of it in terms of Oedipus Rex is a little less overwhelming to me, and also super interesting. Reading Oedipus Rex was fun in class and at the same time a little frustrating. I couldn't stand the fact that if Oedipus' parents hadn't heard the prophecy in the first place it never would have happened. Because they would have raised Oedipus on their own and he would have known who his true parents were and wouldn't have ended up killing his father and marrying his own mother (at least I hope not). But nevertheless the king and queen heard the future fate of their son and went to action to make sure that they could change the horrible future thus making it happen. So the question was: are things fated no matter what... and I think the answer would be no. Because if Oedipus' parents hadn't heard the prophecy, or even if Oedipus hadn't heard the prophecy their horrible "fate" would never had happened. 

And answering the question from life, my answer would be who knows?? As far as my knowledge goes nobody knows what their fate is so how do they know if they're changing it or keeping it the same? And here I go, back to getting a headache.